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              Founded in March 2010, Chengdu Xingsanhe Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. is a new subsidiary of Chengdu Sanhe Enterprise Group and its GAC Trumpchi Store is located at the intersection of Chengya Freeway and Airport Road, High-tech Zone, Chengdu, enjoying convenient traffic, just a 10-minute drive from downtown of Chengdu and Shuangliu Airport. It specializes in providing professional quaternity-selling services, including sale, after-sales service, spare supply and information feedback of finished GAC passenger vehicles.
              Sanhe GAC Trumpchi is among the first-batch of 50 franchised dealers in China and is believed to be the one with the highest standard for this marque. And the GAC Passenger Vehicle is the 15th agency brand of Chengdu Sanhe Enterprise Group Co., Ltd.
              In accordance with “ Tiny Detail, Great Aspiration”, the core idea of GAC Group, the company has built a modernized   magnificent showroom and workshop with well-equipped facilities and complete functions; besides, it is equipped with advanced specialized testing, maintenance and office equipment, which makes Sanhe GAC Trumpchi gain wonderful service strength and be able to provide clients with high-quality services which are comparable with luxury car brands.
              Scientific management, superb technology and excellent team with such quality as gratitude, responsibility, enterprising spirit and optimism provide the objective conditions for Sanhe GAC Trumpchi to strive to be the best, and the company's operation system of innovation ensures the success of Sanhe GAC Trumpchi.




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